Listing of local competitions with approximate schedules. If you are interested in judging or being a steward, contact the competition organizers; there is always room for extra stewards and judges.

list of links to winning FOAM cup recipes their response.
(allowed extension filter *.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.htm, *.html; html preferred)
New recipes can be submitted here

Along with the recipe components, please also include:

  • Please include your name and or names of the brewers
  • Please also note if this beer placed in judged competitions and the date
  • The name of the beer (can be just the style name of you wish)
  • The BJCP category and style #
  • Note: All grain, extract, or note other type
  • Brew date
  • Fermenting information
  • Bottling, kegging, conditioning, lagering information where it applies
  • Special notes as it applies
  • List: