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From Our President
Thank you for visiting the homepage of Frederick’s Homebrew Club, FOAM. If you are interested in joining the club and want to see what we are all about, free to come to one of our meetings to check it out. We are always accepting new members, so check out the information below on how to join our great group to share in the joy of homebrewing.

We have an exciting 2018 planned for the club starting with celebrating the Free State Brewers Guild 20th anniversary party on January 20th at Duclaw Brewery in Baltimore. Our February meeting will be held at the Flying Dog Brewery where they are always a gracious host. In March I will be hosting our annual St. Patrick’s Brewery at my house where all can come and brew. We’ve also been invited to pour our great homebrew at the Brewfest on the Farm in June again, which is always a great opportunity to serve our beer to the public. We also have a ton of there events planned.
(January '18)

The Club
Frederick's Original Ale Makers is a homebrew club targeted to those who are interested in sharing ideas and techniques in the quest to brew the ultimate beer.  Brewing your own beer is not necessary but is strongly encouraged.

Meetings consist of information sharing, as well as sharing your homebrew, to get opinions and tips on how to continually grow and make your beer better.  Many of our meetings include guests from breweries from both far and near.  Several of our meetings have been held at local breweries where tours are held.

If you are interested in joining the club, please contact our Membership Coordinator Richard Fawley, or download, fill in and mail the FOAM Membership Application.  The cost of membership is $25.00 a year.  This fee offsets the cost of having guests from other breweries, as well as the cost of the special events, parties and picnics that we hold throughout the year.

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Club Bylaws
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FOAM Cup Standings
1) Steve Frank (3 pts)
2) James Hartfield (2 pts)
3) Steve Donaldson (1 pts)


FOAM strives to encourage responsible consumption and production of quality homebrew ales and lagers.