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Ask The Masters

Question: I have a ethical question regarding our coveted FOAM Cup and/or entering contests in general. In February I submitted my first ever entry, an Imperial Stout modeled after one of my favorite Oregon stouts, McMenamin’s Terminator Stout. Waiting for the judge’s final verdict, I was talking to Foamer's who stated that you enter your category based on your final product, not what you intended to brew. Since all of the judges said my Imperial Stout was an awesome Dry Stout, should I heed their advice or is it not true to the spirit of competition?

Master Dave responds: Well, it's not really an ethical question. It's entirely up to the entrant to decide what category to enter in a competition. You should submit according to the category description that most closely matches your entry. If you are having difficulty deciding what category to enter, you may wish to sample the brew while reading candidate category descriptions in the BJCP guidelines. Perhaps even better is enlisting the help of a knowledgeable friend or acquaintance who has no investment

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