Listing of local competitions with approximate schedules. If you are interested in judging or being a steward, contact the competition organizers; there is always room for extra stewards and judges.

Drink all you want...we'll brew more!

Frederick's Original Ale Makers (FOAM) is a homebrew club with over ~100 members.  It is the largest homebrew club in Maryland.  We meet at the Flying Barrel (homebrew supply shop and Maryland's first Brew-On-Premises). The owner, Bob Frank, has been kind enough to sponsor us since 1980.  We meet on the First Monday of every month, beginning around 7:15p.m (see our schedule as well).

The club is targeted to homebrewers.  Dues are only $25.00 a year.  This entitles you to a membership card, the monthly newsletter (available online, but also in hardcopy for those who don't have access to the Internet), a 10% discount for supplies purchased at the Flying Barrel on meeting nights (or the first Monday of the month if it's an away meeting), advice from people who have been brewing for years (some of whom work as Brewmasters at local breweries) and some awesome picnics, parties and events within Frederick -- not  to mention the friends you'll meet!

Some of the annual events are:

  • Christmas Party
  • Super Bowl Party
  • Celtic Festival in May
  • Annual Pool Party in July
  • The Great Frederick Fair
  • FOAMStock in September
  • Oktoberfest at Schifferstadt
  • And many others throughout the year

If you have never been to a meeting before, just bring some homebrew or a quality commercial beer and yourself.  If you want to bring a snack, that's OK too.  When you get there, ask for one of the officers.  We don't want to leave anyone out!  Just remember to relax, don't worry and have a homebrew.  The Flying Barrel is located at 1781 C North Market St, Frederick, MD.  We look forward to seeing you.