Listing of local competitions with approximate schedules. If you are interested in judging or being a steward, contact the competition organizers; there is always room for extra stewards and judges.


March 2019:  Cat 21- IPA (21A American IPA and 21B Specialty IPA - Belgian, Brown, Black, Red, Rye, White, NEIPA,  etc).

1st Place - Steve Frank - 21B New England IPA

2nd Place - James Hatfield - 21B Brut IPA

3rd Place - Steve Donaldson - 21A American IPA

May 2019:  Iron Mash - Any category you wish but you must use Ginger in your brew.

1st Place - Steven Donaldson - American Pale Ale with Ginger

2nd Place - Chris Thompson - English Porter with Ginger

3rd Place - Chris Stover - Ginger stout aged in a Rum Barrel

September 2019:  Cat 26 - Trappist Ale (26A Trappist Single, 26B Belgian Dubbel, 26C Belgian Tripel and 26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale).

1st Place -

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

November 2019:  Cat 16 - Dark British Beer (16A Sweet Stout, 16B Oatmeal Stout, 16C Tropical Stout and 16D Foreign Extra Stout).

1st Place -                

2nd Place -

3rd Place -

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2019:



Steven Donaldson


Steve Frank


James Hatfield


Chris Thompson


Chris Stover


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2018 - Steve Frank

Steve repeats for the 2nd year in a row. Very strong showing, placing 1st in three of the cups and 2nd in the fourth one. Great job by Steve and all our brewers.


March 2018:  Cat 1- Standard American Beer (1A American Light Lager, 1B American Lager, 1C Cream Ale and 1D American Wheat Beer).

1st Place - Steve Frank 1A American Light Lager

2nd Place - Steve Donaldson 1C Cream Ale

3rd Place - Carlos Canas 1B American Lager

May 2018:  Cat 10- German Wheat Beer (10A Weissbier, 10B Dunkles Weissbier and 10C Weizenbock).

1st Place - Craig Leggere 10C Weizenbock

2nd Place - Steve Frank 10A Weissbier        

3rd Place - Carlos Canas 10B Dunkles Weissbier

September 2018:  Cat 25 - Strong Belgian Ale (25A Belgian Blonde Ale, 25B Saison and 25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale).

1st Place - Steve Frank 25C Belgian Golden Strong

2nd Place - Angela Furlong 25C Belgian Golden Strong

3rd Place - Chris Stover 25B Saison

November 2018:  Cat 20 - American Porter and Stout (20A American Porter, 20B American Stout and 20C Imperial Stout).

1st Place - Steve Frank 20C Imperial Stout                

2nd Place - Steven Donaldson 20A American Porter

3rd Place - Rick Fawley 20B American Stout

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2018:



Steve Frank


Steve Donaldson


Craig Leggere


Carlos Canas


Angela Furlong


Chris Stover


Rick Fawley


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2017 - Steve Frank

Winning one category and placing in two others, Steve brought his strong brewing skills to compete this year. We had a close contest this year with three brewers bringing the contest down to the wire. Congratulations to all our competing brewers.


March 2017:  Cat 12 - Pale Commonwealth Beer (12A British Golden Ale, 12B Australian Sparkling Ale and 12C English IPA).

1st Place - Steve Frank (12A British Golden Ale)

2nd Place - Chris Stover (12A British Golden Ale)

3rd Place - Carlos Canas (12B Australian Sparkling Ale)

May 2017:  Cat 24 - Belgian Ale (24A Witbier, 24B Belgian Pale Ale and 24C Biere de Garde).

1st Place - Carlos Canas (24B Belgian Pale Ale)        

2nd Place - Piet Huiberts (24C Biere de Garde)        

3rd Place - Steve Frank (24C Bier de Garde)

September 2017:  Cat 18 - Pale American Ale (18A Blonde Ale and 18B American Pale Ale).

1st Place - Chris Stover (18A Blonde Ale)        

2nd Place - Ed Wrezinski (18B APA)

3rd Place - Tom McNichols (18A Blonde Ale)

November 2017:  Cat 15 - Irish Beer (15A Irish Red Ale, 15B Irish Stout and 15C Irish Extra Stout).

1st Place - Joe Thompson (15C Irish Extra Stout)        

2nd Place - Steve Frank (15A Irish Red)

3rd Place - Carlos Canas (15A Irish Red)

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2017:



Steve Frank


Chris Stover


Carlos Canas


Joe Thompson


Piet Huiberts


Ed Wrezinski


Tom McNichols


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2016 - James Lee

Winning three of the four categories, and placing second in the fourth one. Jimmy hit the ground running and was too hard to catch. Our 2015 winner, Carlos, placed in three of the cups this year.  Great job by all of our brewers!


March 2016:  Cat 19 - Amber and Brown American Ales (American Amber, Cali Common and American Brown).

1st Place - James Lee (19C American Brown)

2nd Place - Carlos Canas (19A American Amber)

3rd Place - Craig Leggere (19C American Brown)

May 2016:  Cat 26 - Trappist Ale (Trappist Single, Dubbel, Tripels and Belgian dark strong).

1st Place - James Lee (26B Belgian Dubbel)        

2nd Place - Steve Frank (26C Belgian Tripel)

3rd Place - Chris Stover (26A Belgian Single)

August 2016:  Cat 5 - Pale Bitter European (German Leichtbier, Kolsch, Helles and German Pils).

1st Place - Carlos Canas (5B Kolsch)

2nd Place - James Lee (5D German Pilsner)

3rd Place - Colin Larson (5B Kolsch)

November 2016:  Cat 17 - Strong British Ale (British Strong Ale, Old Ale, Wee Heavy and English Barleywine).

1st Place - James Lee (17C Wee Heavy)

2nd Place - Carlos Canas (17C Wee Heavy)

3rd Place - Chris Stover (17D English Barleywine)

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2016:



James Lee


Carlos Canas


Steve Frank


Chris Stover


Colin Larson


Craig Leggere


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2015 - Carlos Canas

        Winning two of the four categories, and placing in the other two. Carlos set a high bar for the other brewers.  Great job!


March 2015:  Bock  (BJCP Category 5)

1st Place - Chris Walker (5B Bock)

2nd Place - Chris Stover (5C Doppelbock)

3rd Place - Carlos Canas (5A Maibock)

May 2015:  IPA (BJCP Category 14)

1st Place - Carlos Canas (14C IIPA)        

2nd Place - Rick Fawley (14B American IPA)

3rd Place - Ed Wrzesinski (14B American IPA)

September 2015:  German Wheat and Rye  (BJCP Category 15)

1st Place - Carlos Canas (15A Weizen)

2nd Place - Chris Stover (15A Weizen)

3rd Place - Chris Walker (15A Weizen)

November 2015:  Christmas/Winter specialty (BJCP Category 21B)

1st Place - Chris Walker (21B. Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer)

2nd Place - Chris Stover (21B. Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer)

3rd Place - Carlos Canas (21B. Christmas/Winter Specialty Spiced Beer)

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2015:



Carlos Canas


Chris Walker


Chris Stover


Rick Fawley


Ed Wrzesinski


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2014 - Shane Buckland

        Winning three of the four categories (all he entered), Shane dominated this year.  Nice job!


March 2014:  Light Lager  (BJCP Category 1)

1st Place - Shane Buckland

2nd Place - Dave Justice

3rd Place - Brian Roberts

May 2014:  English Pale Ale (BJCP Category 8)

1st Place - Shane Buckland        

2nd Place - Josh Ware

3rd Place - Craig Leggere

August 2014:  Light Hybrid beer (BJCP Category 6)

1st Place - Jimmy Lee

2nd Place - Carlos Canas

3rd Place - Chris Stover

November 2014:  Stouts (BJCP Category 13)

1st Place - Shane Buckland

2nd Place - Carlos Canas

3rd Place - Kerry Keene

Standings for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2014:



Shane Buckland


Carlos Canas


Jimmy Lee


Dave Justice


Josh Ware



FOAM Brewer of the Year 2013 - Dave Justice

Congratulations to Dave Justice, who cemented his win with a 1rst place win the November Cup.

1st place: 7 points - Dave Justice

2nd place: 4 points - Dave Hernick

2nd place: 4 points - Joe Snyders

4the place: 3 points - Shane Buckland

4the place: 3 points - Mike Kozar

6th place: 2 points - Piet Huiberts

6th place: 2 points - Ryan Perc

6th place: 2 points - Derrick McElhaney

9th place: 1 point - Josh Ware

FOAM Brewer of the Year 2012 - Calvin Perilloux

Congratulations to Calvin Perilloux, who held off against Derick's late charge upwards in the ranks!
It was one of the closest FOAM Cups we’ve had in a long time!

7 points - Calvin Perilloux

6 points - Derick McElhaney

3 points - Patrick Nicholls

3 points - J.P. Sloan

3 points - Joshua Ware

2 points - Dave Justice

2 points - Owen Delaney

1 point - Piet Huiberts

Quarterly FOAM Cup Results for 2012

March 2012:  Dark Lagers

The first FOAM cup of 2012 was held at the FOAM meeting at the Flying Barrel.

We had 8 entries, judged by Bill Heverly, Pieter Huiberts, Rick Frere, and David Cleckley.

1st Place - J.P. Sloan and Patrick Nicholls - Munich Dunkel

2nd Place -  Calvin Perilloux - Munich Dunkel

3rd Place - Owen Delaney - Dark American Lager

May 2012:  English Brown Ales

The second FOAM cup of 2012 was held at the FOAM meeting at the Flying Barrel.

We had 11 entries, judged by Jim Sawitzke, Pieter Huiberts, and Cathy Emery.

1st Place - Derick McElhaney - Mild

2nd Place - Calvin Perilloux - Mild

3rd Place - Owen Delaney - "Brown"

August 2012:  Belgian and French Ale

The third FOAM cup of 2012 was held at the FOAM meeting at Flying Dog.

We had 9 entries, judged by Jim Sawitzke, Bill Heverly, and David Cleckley

with check-in by Patrick Nicholls and stewarding by Milan Yagodich and Vitol Wiacek.

1st Place - Joshua Ware - Belgian Specialty Ale

2nd Place - Calvin Perilloux - Belgian Pale Ale

3rd Place - Piet Huiberts - Belgian Specialty Ale

November 2012:  Strong Ale

The final FOAM cup of 2012 was held at the FOAM Meeting at the Flying Barrel.

We had 6 entries, judged by Jim Sawitzke, Bill Heverly, and Kevin Smith,

assisted by Dave Cleckley who collected entries and stewarded.

1st Place - Derick McElhaney - American Barleywine

2nd Place - Dave Justice - Old Ale

3rd Place - Calvin Perilloux - Old Ale


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2011 - Jim Sawitzke

Congratulations to Jim Sawitzke, who again this year at the final FOAM Cup added on to his
nearly-insurmountable lead for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2011!  

9 points - Jim Sawitzke

5 points - Mike Ireland & Bob McNally

4 points - Brian Gruner

2 points - Patrick Nicholls

2 points - Roger Knoell

1 point - Terry Brann

1 point - Mike Kozar

Quarterly FOAM Cup Results for 2011

February 2011:  Bock 

The first FOAM cup of 2011 was held at the FOAM meeting at Flying Dog.

We had 12 entries, judged by Calvin Perilloux and Ben Fegley.

1st Place - Jim Sawitzke - Traditional Bock

2nd Place - Brian Gruner  - Doppelbock

3rd Place - Terry Brann - Traditional Bock

May 2011:  Mild 

The second FOAM cup of 2011 was held at the FOAM meeting at the Flying Barrel.

We had 7 entries, judged by Calvin Perilloux and JP Sloan.

1st Place - Jim Sawitzke - Mild

2nd Place - Patrick Nicholls  - Mild

3rd Place - Mike Ireland and Bob McNally - Mild

August 2011:  American Ale 

The third FOAM cup of 2011 was held at the FOAM meeting at the Flying Dog.

We had 9 entries, judged by Calvin Perilloux and JP Sloan.

1st Place - Mike Ireland & Bob McNally - Amber Ale

2nd Place - Roger Knoell - American Pale Ale

3rd Place - Mike Kozar - American Pale Ale

November 2011 - Specialty

The final FOAM cup was held at the new Flying Barrel.

We had 5 entries, judged by Marion Kozar, Dave Coleman, and Mike Lamb.

1st Place - Jim Sawitzke - Imperial Black IPA

2nd Place - Brian Gruner - Bourbon Vanilla Imperial Porter

3rd Place - Mike Ireland & Bob McNally - Scottish Heavy & American


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2010 - Jim Sawitzke

Congratulations to Jim Sawitzke, who at the final FOAM Cup added on to his
insurmountable lead for FOAM Brewer of the Year 2010!   Since there was a 4-way

tie for second place, we resorted to the published tie-breaker calculations* based

on gravity and color of the relevant styles.

9 pts        Jim Sawitzke

3 pts     Brian Gruner                 (2.887 pts adjusted)

3 pts        Bill Heverly                 (2.824 pts adjusted)

3 pts        Pieter Huiberts                 (2.799 pts adjusted)

3 pts        Ben Fegley                 (2.758 pts adjusted)

2 pts        Steve Hesselink

1 pt        Vinnie Sempronio

1 pt        Bryant White

1 pt       Joe Mondo

FOAM Cup Results for 2010

November 2010:  Scottish and Irish Ale 

The final FOAM cup of 2010 was held at the FOAM meeting at the Flying Barrel last night.

We had six entries:  Scottish Ales, Irish Red Ale, Strong Scotch Ales, judged by JP Sloan and Ben Fegley.

1st Place - Brian Gruner - Scottish Light 60/-

2nd Place - Jim Sawitzke and Pieter Huiberts - Strong Scotch Ale

3rd Place - Joe Mondo - Irish Red Ale

August 2010:  German Wheat and Rye Beer
The third FOAM Cup event of 2010 took place at Barley and Hops.
Entries from German Wheat and Rye beer were judged by Dave Justice, Mike Lamb and J.P. Sloan.
There were 5 entries and they were all Category 15A : Weizen/Weissbier

1st Place Jim Sawitzke

2nd Place Steve Hesselink

3rd Place Pieter Huiberts

May 2010:  India Pale Ale

14 entries were judged at the Flying Barrel:   2 English IPAs, 11 American IPAs, and 1 Imperial IPA
Thanks go to our judges:  Pieter Huiberts and Calvin Perilloux as well as to Tim Rice, who was a diligent and quick steward and who really helped speed things along.

1st Place   Bill Heverly's American IPA

2nd Place  Jim Sawitzke's American IPA

3rd Place   Bryant White's American IPA

February 2010: Stout

The first competition of the 2010 FOAM  cup took place at the February meeting.

Keith Hipsley, Marion Kozar, and Larry from Flying Dog judged this event.
There were 16 beers entered, so they had their work cut out for them.

1st Ben Fegley’s Foreign Extra Stout          

2nd Jim Sawitzke’s American Stout  

3rd Vinnie Sempronio’s Russian Imperial Stout                              

*Point adjustment spreadsheet for tie-breaking in 2010 FOAM Cup

Place    Category        MinOG  MinSRM Adjust Points

Nov 2010

1 Gruner            9A         1030   9          0.962  2.887

2 Sawitzke          9E         1070   14         0.922  1.843

2 Huiberts          9E         1070   14         0.922  1.843

3 Mondo             9D         1044   9          0.949  0.949

Aug 2010                                            

1 Sawitzke          15A        1044   2          0.956  2.868

2 Hesselink         15A        1044   2          0.956  1.912

3 Huiberts          15A        1044   2          0.956  0.956

May 2010                                            

1 Heverly        14B        1056   6          0.941  2.824

2 Sawitzke          14B        1056   6          0.941  1.883

3 White             14B        1056   6          0.941  0.941

Feb 2010                                            

1 Fegley            13D        1056   30         0.919  2.758

2 Sawitzke          13E        1050   30         0.925  1.849

3 Sempronio         13F        1075   30         0.903  0.903


FOAM Brewer of the Year 2009 - Calvin Perilloux

Congratulations to Calvin Perilloux, taking it in a contest that went to the last FOAM Cup of 2009 
with four brewers in contention for FOAM Brewer of the Year even to the very end.   Final point totals
are as follows:

9 pts        Calvin Perilloux

6 pts     Brian Gruner

5 pts        Dave Justice

3 pts        Joe Mondo

1 pt        Terry Brann

FOAM Cup Results for 2009

November 2009: Smoke and Wood Aged Beer

The final FOAM Cup  of 2009 took place at Brewers Alley.

We had 7 entries in Smoked and Wood-aged Beers, BJCP Category 22,

judged this evening by BJCP judges Jim Sawitzke and Jason Konopinksi.

1st Calvin Perilloux, Classic Rauchbier

2nd Brian Gruner, Smoked Porter

3rd Dave Justice, SmokedHelles

Past Winners:

  • Brian Gruner, American Wheat (1st), Dave Justice, Koelsch (2nd), Calvin Perilloux, Koelsch (3rd)
  • Calvin Perilloux (1st), Dave Justice (2nd), Brian Gruner (3rd)
  • February '09 - English Bitter
  • Joe Mondo: Ordinary Bitter (1st), Calvin Perilloux: Ordinary Bitter (2nd), Terry Brann: ESB (3rd)
  • Calvin Perilloux: English (1st), Brian Gruner: American (2nd), Terry Brann: English (3rd)
  • Brian Gruner: Saison (1st), Pieter Huiberts: Belgian Pale Ale (2nd), Jim Sawitzke: Witbier (3rd)
  • Keith Hipsley: Helles Bock (1st), Tim Rice: Traditional Bock (2nd), Calvin Perilloux: Doppelbock (3rd)
  • February '08 - Amber Hybrid Beer (alt, steam) (BJCP Style 7)
  • Tim Rice:  North German Altbier (1st), Brian Gruner:  Dusseldorf Altbier (2nd), Ed Moss:  California Common Beer (3rd)
  • Dave Justice (1st), Pieter Huiberts (2nd), Terry Brann (3rd)
  • Edgar Radonich and Mike Lamb (1st), Dave Justice (2nd), Terry Brann (3rd)
  • Dave Justice (1st), Keith Hipley (2nd),  Mike Lamb and Edgar Radonich (3rd)
  • Tim Rice (1st, Baltic Porter), Dave Justice (2nd, Robust Porter), Brian Roberts (3rd, Brown Porter)
  • Dan Sycalik (1st), Pieter Huiberts (2nd), Tim Rice (3rd)
  • Jeff Garrison (1st), Dave Justice (2nd), Jeff Garrison (3rd)
  • Dave Justice (1st), Joe Thompson (2nd), Edgar Radonich (3rd)
  • Bill Heverly (1st), Dan Sycahic (sp?) (2nd), Bob Cleveland (3rd)
  • Brian Pazkiet (1st), Bob Cleveland (2nd), Brian Paszkiet (3rd)
  • Bob Cleveland (1st), Lou King (2nd), Brian Paszkiet (3rd)
  • Dave Justice (1st), Les White (2nd), Bill Heverly (3rd)
  • Bob Cleveland (1st), Joe Thompson (2nd), Calvin Perilloux (3rd)
  • Bill Heverly (1st), Bob Cleveland (2nd), Calvin Perilloux (3rd)
  • Dave Justice (1st), Mike Kozar (2nd), Lou King (3rd)


To aid you in making your beer, and to aid the judges as well, here is the link to the Beer Judge Certification Program Guidelines for each style of beer: